Nurse/Warden Call

Nurse/Warden call

Perfect for use in nursing homes, sheltered accommodation, offices, hotels, leisure centres, shop and public houses. Our systems are capable of indicating standard or emergency tones. Ideal for use in multi-zoned areas, accessible toilets, changing rooms, bedrooms and interview rooms, the systems can range from a single zone up over by adding expansion units and repeaters to create larger systems.
We offer both conventional and addressable systems, both powerful yet easy to use. Our call systems can save staff time, improve quality of care and minimise disturbance. Our systems are suitable for nurse/warden call, staff protection, dementia, affray and emergency assistance applications. Our addressable systems include a range of individually programmed displays, call point, pull cord, indication over door lights/sounders, monitoring points, infrared transmitters and more.
Our call systems are at the forefront of technology from the likes of C-Tec, Nursecall and Tunstall. We can provide a free quotation to meet your requirements.

If you are in the North East looking for a warden call installation, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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