CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems

We offer a wide range of CCTV systems designed to your individual requirements. With the fast-paced development of CCTV technology over recent years, we utilise leading-edge products from Dahua, HikVision and Bosch and offer High Definition systems in both IP camera and coaxial cable.

CCTV cameras not only provide a visual deterrent to your premises but helps in terms of loss prevention, health & safety and personal/vehicle detection. Our systems can be integrated with our intruder alarm systems to give a visual verification of intruders in or around your premises.

All our systems can be locally recorded on either an NVR (Networked Video Recorder) for IP systems or an XVR for HD over coax systems, utilising integrated hard drives ranging from 1Tb. Both systems have the capability to be monitored on-site, via an HD monitor/TV or networked PC via the manufactures software. All our systems have the facility to be viewed remotely via the internet on your smartphone, tablet, iPad using an APP or on your PC using the manufactures software.

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